4-Question Underwriting

Looking for a quick and easy way to get an idea about your client’s health?

All of our carriers have slight differences in their underwriting strengths. The more you know, the better we can help. If you don’t want to do a formal inquiry, ask these four questions and then contact us and we’ll help you identify what rate class you should be quoting.
1) Are your parents still alive?
If not, how old were they when they died, and how did they die?
2) Have you been hospitalized in the last five years?
If so, for what?
3) Do you smoke?
If you quit, how long ago?
4) Are you on any medications?
If so, what are they?

(Okay, technically that is a few more than four questions, but these questions can tell us a lot. Also, take a good look at your client. You are not doing your client any favors by minimizing health issues. When we know what we’re dealing with, we can give you the best possible chance for a favorable underwriting class.)

Additional questions to ask to avoid underwriting pitfalls:
  • Is there existing insurance coverage?
  • Have previous applications been declined?
  • Are there other pending applications?
  • Does the applicant engage in hazardous activities?
  • Has the applicant had their driver’s license suspended?
  • Does the applicant have a criminal record?
  • Who will be the named beneficiary and what is their relationship to life insured?