About Upstate

Our Beliefs

Our focus and responsibility is to build strong client relationships where we represent your interests in a way that distinguishes you from your competitors.

We understand that your business is our business and your success translates into our own. When we work with you, we bring years of experience to help you navigate toward the best possible outcome for your clients.

We believe in win-win partnerships. Business relationships need to work for everyone, or it won’t work for anyone.

Features and Benefits

We will always act in your best interest as well as that of your clients to bring about the best possible solution to the situation presented.

We will provide expert, competent support in every area of our business. This includes underwriting, case design and marketing.

Our compensation structure is fair and transparent and our expense allowance agreement will clearly state what you can expect from working with us.

We will always pay out renewals and full street commissions on all products we wholesale.

The Upstate Advantage

With our long history of building strong alliances with the carriers we represent, you can be sure we are positioned to handle your business – from the simplest term to the most advanced case design.  We care about your business and are flexible and adaptive to provide the type of support that makes the most sense for your particular business model.

We are not a one size fits all brokerage firm, but take the time to listen and learn about the type of practice you have so that we can partner with you to help you grow your business.