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Fixed Annuities are Hot Right Now!

In this climate of uncertainty, clients are looking for some stability while still getting a decent return. Fixed annuities are filling a need for your clients who want some stability as part of their portfolio. Here’s just one example of current rates being offered by our carriers: American National. (There are files for NY-only and non-NY.)

If you would like to see a full comparison of current rates, or have a case to discuss, please contact Liz Casper at or give her a call at 585-273-8530 x 3003.

Mutual Income Solutions: Now Available in New York!

Mutual of Omaha’s new disability income insurance product, Mutual Income Solutions, will make it easier to do business with them, while the competitive features and benefits will help your customers select the coverage that best fits their needs.

This disability income insurance product is well-positioned to help agents meet all their clients’ income protection needs, especially those in the affluent market.

Competitive Features and Benefits

Here are the highlights of this new product:

  • Increased Benefit Amounts – Maximum monthly benefit of $20,000 per month.
  • New Benefit Periods – Help clients who want to extend coverage to a target retirement age.
  • Two Policy Types – Clients can select a non-cancelable or guaranteed renewable policy.
  • Optional Benefits – Policies can be customized to enhance and expand coverage.
  • Valuable Discounts – Help your clients save money with discounts.


What You Need to Know About Long Term Care

Stand alone and hybrid policies can provide solutions to the “what ifs” of aging.

Check out the “What you need to know…” brochure below for information on talking to your clients about retirement and aging and how you can mitigate those risks.

For more information contact Andrea Graham or give her a call at 585-273-8530 ext 3012.

Long Term Care Resources

A Helpful Short Video to Show to Your Clients

Here is a brochure linking 2 separate videos which can be used to discuss LTC with your clients. Please choose the one for your state.

What You Need to Know about LTC

Both Hybrid and Stand-Alone

Check out this brochure that details some of the differences between the types of LTC products.

Top 10 LTC Considerations

Understanding how medical issues affect long term care underwriting is a valuable tool in assessing your client’s ability to obtain coverage.

This piece offered by Mutual of Omaha will help guide you in assessing your client’s health issues. Have questions? Contact Andrea Graham at or give her a call at 585-273-8530.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

April LTC News and Views

Wall-to-wall, ALL about the once-in-a-lifetime Eclipse!  Hotels are booked solid, schools and other penal institutions are closed, and the question must be asked:  “Why” would someone with the means and money to travel to such an event pick Upstate NY where the sun might (repeat, “might,” not “will”) shine?  Here’s the forecast for next Monday, April Fool!