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Update on Reminders to NY Agents

As many of you are aware, the NY Supreme Court recently found Reg 187 unconstitutional and not enforceable. What followed was very predictable. The decision has been appealed and the matter is far from settled.

In response, NY carriers have not changed any of the requirements that have been implemented since the regulation took effect. Also, some carriers are only accepting Reg Ed’s course, 484_NY as meeting the requirement.

We would also like to remind you that product specific training is required for all carriers except William Penn. Therefore, if you want to sell a particular product you will have to complete this training prior to taking an application. Please click the button below to go to the RegEd website for both product specific and course 484_NY.

Lastly, please remember to keep your AML training up to date. You can go to the LIMRA site for this by clicking this button.

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Peter Zatir: A Career Lost, but Not a Way of Life

Being a successful lawyer requires planning for possible events that can derail your career. Watch this video and learn how this planning helped the Zatir family continue its way of life.

News & Announcements

Becoming disabled is very similar to being mugged. Only when you’re disabled, your paycheck is stolen from you month after month until you are able to recover. This video illustrates what could happen if you do not properly protect your paycheck.

Divorce over 50

Addressing the financial Strain and reimagining retirement.

Learn How Life Insurance Can Help Fill in the Gaps

Join Stephen Alloy and Ron Lee as they talk about how life insurance supplements a financial plan and how it can fill some of the gaps that may exist.

Not All Hybrid Policies are Built The Same

Combination life and long term care products, also known as hybrids, are filling a real need for alternatives to stand alone long term care products. Some of those features include a streamlined underwriting process, flexible premium periods and rates and benefits that are guaranteed.

Lincoln has created a chart comparing MoneyGuard features to other similar types of policies. Check it out here.

Lincoln also provides their client approved pre-qualification guidelines. This tool will help you determine if your client is a good candidate for this type of product. Of course, we are here to help as well. You can contact Liz Casper at lcasper@e-upstate.net or 585-273-8530 ext 3003 for more information.

A New Whole Life Product Available in NY!

Ameritas has great whole life products that have gotten even better in NY. Applications can begin to be submitted on August 31, 2017. They will be adding products that are built for long term cash value accumulation over 20 to 30 years with both lifetime and 10 pay funding options. They also have a product that gives all of the benefits of a death benefit with long term cash value, but with a lower premium.

Add these to their already robust portfolio of products and you have all the answers you need to solve your clients’ objectives. Send us a requestfor further information or a quote, and we’ll give you all the details.

Anti-Money Laundering Training

Anti-Money Laundering Training is now required by all insurance carriers. Please note that to Log onto the LIMRA site, you are now required to use your National Producer Number. To obtain this number, please click here to go to NIPR’s website. The link for the LIMRA site is here. The carriers are automatically notified.

Mandatory Annuity and Life InsuranceTraining Update

All annuity products now have specific product training, but did you know that each state has their own requirements to sell these products? If you would like to know what requirements are in effect for your state, click here for a complete list. If you are planning on selling an annuity or Life Insurance policy, be sure and check what training is required BEFORE taking an application. If you don’t, you will have to start over which can be a real problem especially if you are ready to submit with case. Just ask me how I know….

Time to Revisit the changes in the Tax Law from 2017

Pass-thru businesses wanted to have relief similar to what was granted to C corporations. So Congress added Section 199A to the Tax Code. You may have heard it referred to as the Pass-Thru Deduction, or described as a provision making 20% of business pass-thru income not taxable. Well, like many other things, that is sort of true, but there is a lot more to the story. Click here for a podcast going into more detail.

SBLI USA Select Choice and Select Choice Plus

Click the buttons below for more information on SBLI USA Select Choice and Select Choice Plus:

April LTC News and Views

Wall-to-wall, ALL about the once-in-a-lifetime Eclipse!  Hotels are booked solid, schools and other penal institutions are closed, and the question must be asked:  “Why” would someone with the means and money to travel to such an event pick Upstate NY where the sun might (repeat, “might,” not “will”) shine?  Here’s the www.weather.com forecast for next Monday, April Fool!

Informal Care Giving and Home Health Care

The white paper linked below addresses the growing crisis of who will care for our aging population. Informal caregivers provide the majority of care in the home to those who need the assistance. Most traditional long term care products require certified workers to provide care in order to use their benefits.

Nationwide has a great solution to this need, and this paper goes into the reasons to consider it.

Click here to read this important information.

Changes to Ameritas’ DI Products

Ameritas has made several changes to their DInamic Foundation products.  Among the changes are improved occupation classes for CPAs, and new occupations to be included in their Preferred Occupations Premium Program.  They are discontinuing writing policies for all postal service and railroad workers effective June 25, 2018.  They have also loosened guidelines on cigar smokers who test negative for nicotine at the time of application.

For all the details on these changes, click here for their full announcement.

Sales Ideas

Signature Guaranteed Universal Life

Please click the button below for information on Signature Guaranteed Universal Life from American National:

Consider Group Coverage for Your Clients

While it might not be your main business, many of you will come across a business client who is looking for group benefits for their employees. You don’t have to miss out on that business and refer it elsewhere. We have partnered with The Hartford to make available a great resource to take advantage of these opportunities. Check out the links below.

Click Here for A Census Template

To learn more about The Hartford, please visit the Hartford Website.

Competitive Comparison of Term Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Living Benefit Riders on term products are not all the same. From the number of benefit triggers to qualifying illnesses, there are differences that you should consider on which term product to offer.

Linked below is a comparison of the carriers who offer this rider on their term products. Download it and keep it handy when determining which product will best serve your clients needs. To just look at cost, may deprive your clients of valuable riders that could add additional peace of mind to their coverage.

Download the Competitive Comparison here.

Five Potential Benefits of Indexed Universal Life Insurance

IUL is being recommended more and more by planners due to its unique features that can assist in accumulating funds for future needs.

Check out this article outlining the reasons to consider this product.  If you would like more information, please contact us at info@e-upstate.net.

You Can Protect Against Two Client Risks

Did you know that only 39% of Americans have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency expense? * Life insurance can do more than provide a death benefit.  It can also ease a risk that clients are likely to face while they’re still alive.  Consider Protective Advantage ChoiceSM UL.  For more details on this product and concept, click here.

Social Security Claiming as part of Retirement Planning

Our industry abounds in articles about retirement planning – how to position assets, what products to use, and risks to a successful retirement. Today we will look at Social Security benefits and how to advise your clients on when to claim.

When to start benefits for both single and married clients can affect the overall success of a plan. Claiming social security becomes even more critical when there are minimal assets to work with. A recent paper published by NY Life addresses some of these issues. Don’t leave your clients’ decision to chance. Include this conversation before retirement age. If you would like to read the white paper, click here. Feel free to give me a call at 585-273-8530 ext 3003, or send me an email at lcasper@e-upstate.net for further information.

Consider a Qualified LTC Services Rider for Wealth Transfer

Nationwide’s Indemnity LTC rider may be the answer for some of your clients.  When you open the conversation, you can talk about health care planning or wealth transfer.  There are many ways to address this issue.  Consider Nationwide’s product and click here for details on one of the more creative solutions available.