Guaranteed Life

The three main benefits of guaranteed issue life insurance are that there is no required medical examination, no medical questions to answer, and you don’t have to be in perfect health. We proudly endorse the following two guaranteed life carriers.

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Columbian Mutual Guaranteed Life

Final Expense Risk Qualifier

Columbian’s Final Expense Risk Qualifier saves you time by letting you know which plans your client may qualify for, based on age, build and medications. They’ve just added 350 new drugs to the medication list to give you the most up-to-date information available!

Don’t waste your time on applications that may be declined or issued other than as applied for! Columbian’s Risk Qualifier saves you time by identifying potential issues up front, before you complete the application, and their Point of Sale Underwriting provides a decision in seconds, while you’re still with your client.


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Gerber Guaranteed Life


Effective April 1, 2021, a new method will be available on the RightBRIDGE product validation tool Gerber Life utilizes to determine product suitability for New York’s Reg. 187.

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