Long Term Care

Video by U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services: http://longtermcare.gov/the-basics/


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Consumer Presentations How to Buy LTC
Consumer Presentations The Continuum of Care
Facts and Figures Costs of Care Survey Results for 2014
General Information John Hancock Financial Fitness Mailer
General Information Long Term Care Policy Terminology
General Information LTC Companies Offered by Upstate
General Information Medicaid Income and Asset Guidelines 2017
General Information Medicare Deductibles 2017
General Information Tax Deductibility of LTC Premiums 2017
General Information Types of Policy Reimbursement Models
LTC Marketing Agent Mailer to Customize
LTC Marketing Compound Inflation Comparison
LTC Marketing Met Life Women's Retirement
Policy Comparisons NYS Partnership Policies
Policy Comparisons Traditional Non-Partnership Policies
Producer Training Harley Gordon LTC Presentation
Producer Training How to Sell LTC
Producer Training LTC Underwriting
Producer Training Successful Seminar Selling
Producer Training Tax Guide for LTC Premium **2014**
Producer Training The NYS Partnership
Publications NAIC Shoppers Guide
Publications NYS Partnership Consumer Booklet
Publications Senior Housing Categories